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A place to find and recommend fanfics from yourfanfiction.com
Upon joining this community please introduce yourselves here.

If you're looking for reviwers, please check out the Rate and Review Exchange.


1. You may post if you're looking or offering to Beta's someones work be it fanfiction or original fiction. Please give some details about what you're willing and unwilling to read or what you're looking for in a Beta.

2. You may post a Brainstorming thread for your newest fanfiction. Do not post per chapter, only per fic itself. You can then use that same post to talk about the next chapter(s) of your fic, but do not post a new thread for chapter two, three, four, etc. Only the first chapter and fic as a whole together.

3. You may recommend fics here, as long as you provide enough information and not just a link.

4. You may post one advertisement per community or per kink meme once a week.

5. Please tag all posts.

6. When asking a question, please direct it to one of the admin or mods.
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The yourfanfiction community is a place for people to gather and recommend as well as discuss fanfiction found over on yourfanfiction.com. We are not here to bash, or make fun of other peoples works. We are not trolls, but that doesn't mean we wont offer our critique and criticisms of what worked and what didn't for a particular story.

Our aim, is to help one another become better writers, without being jerks about it.

It's fine to offer or look for a Beta Reader here as well.

Please introduce yourselves upon joining, a community needs to communicate after all.

Now, when recommending a fic or posting your own, please make sure that the story is under a cut after filling out this form.

Status: Complete or WIP
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Feel free to participate in the rate and review exchange.